Saturday, February 28, 2009

Real Veggie Deal.

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I found a real treasure. I cannot post about the location until Monday. The veggies in the picture cost $5. My coworker, Kathy, and I bought ten dollars worth of cilantro, bok choy, borccoli rhaab, celery weed, Korean squash, tomatoes, and green onions. We then split the it up between us. This is my share. I actually only paid $2 because she refused to take more money and wanted to share what she bought. These veggies are locally grown and support a great cause. Check back on Monday to read all about it.


  1. Wow what a deal! Nothing better then fresh veggies!

  2. You go girl! Can't wait to see what you fix with them.

  3. That's fabulous! It all looks tasty.

  4. Debbie .. WOW ! .. I wish we had something here like that .. I might just finally go vegetarian full tilt ! how about sending some my way girl ?? LOL

  5. They all look so fresh! I love buying from local growers!

  6. What a great deal, good idea to share the harvest with others!

  7. That's a lot of vegetables! Can't beat that deal.

  8. They look fabulous! You got a great deal, that's for sure, and just looking at them must have perked up your day.

  9. Cindee, nothing is better.

    Tessa, yes it is.

    Joy, You might. I will post the location and the story tomorrow.

    Linda, You are not going to believe where I found this place. It is actually close to you than it is to me.

    Racquel, I think that when shopping at farmers markets or local farms it is always a good idea to buy a bunch of stuff together and split it up.

    Brenda, I know. This is probably out to the way for you, but it was such a sweet deal.

    Diana, it did.