Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour with the Monkeys

A sampling of things I had to yell during Earth Hour.

"That's not fair. Your arms are twice a long as his."
"Stop jumping around with candles"
"You may not catch anything on fire."
"Do not throw shoes."
"You have to pee in the dark"
"You need to take that stink outside."
"I don't want to learn how to play chess."
"NONONONONO, put the helmets down."
Seriously, somebody help me.

They initiated me into some secret club by candle light, wandered the house with an open cell phone, had a paper wad fight and declared Earth Hour the most fun ever.


  1. You know...these days with the monkeys are going to turn out to be the best memories. Reading this took me back to some really fun times years ago! Thanks for those memories Debbi!

  2. I can see your evening perfectly! Sounds like it was joyous and a big hit. Maybe the monkeys learned a thing or 2 in the prosess.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Linda, I really did have a good time. Just not as good as they did.

    beckie, they had a blast. Now they want to do it every weekend.

  4. Isn't earth hour great? My kids love it too, but your boys really made the most of it didn't they? LOL

  5. I'm coming to your house next Earth hour. I want to see what it's like when Aunt Debbi goes over the edge.

  6. SOCKS!!! Aaaagghhhh!!! But, hmmm, candles and socks. Sounds like an opportunity there... Glad you all had a good time!

  7. Never a dull moment in your house Deb, is there? lol ;)

  8. LOL--I think you missed the window to sell the monkeys... which only seems to work when they're infants! I meant to take part in Earth Hour but then completely forgot about it when a friend locked us out of my house! I live very "lightly on the earth" all the time, and have for years, so I'm not too worried about it.

  9. I didn't know about earth hour, so I guess I slept through it!
    Hope you've recovered from the freezes during the weekend. HOPE they were the last for the season.

  10. The funniest one is "Hey, you need to take that stink outside." That must be something you say to boys. I don't recall ever saying that to my girls. Girls don't like stinky things.

  11. We will tessa.

    Anna, I teeter on the edge all the time.

    OFB, If you encourge the Monkeys to perform a sock burning, I am going to have to come up there and give you a smack down:P

    Racquel, Not until the fall asleep.

    Monica, They were cute when they were babies all innocent and stuff. I had not idea what I was getting myself into.

    Nola, I lost about four tomatoes when it froze (when it wasn't supposed to) on Saturday. durn.

    Brenda, Sadly, he was the stinky thing.

  12. Sounds like a great evening. Socks and all.

  13. I have the same exact problem, only with our cats. See, the younger of our two, Leiber, may be seven years old, but he still squeaks like a kitten. He desperately tries for a real cat battle cry, but he can't do it in the slightest. In the dark, I can figure out exactly what's going on when the two are on the staircase beating the snot out of each other, because the "MEEEEEEEEEEP!" is one of the funniest things you'll ever hear.

  14. Paul, Be grateful they don't have thumbs.

  15. LOL! Although this reminds me why I only had ONE child, it also makes me a little sad there weren't more. Kids are so fun (except of course when they aren't :)

  16. Lisa, I actually ment to have three of them. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. I think I was thinking that one of them might be a girl. Boy the other two would have made her mean.