Friday, March 20, 2009

Not a Green Thumb in Sight

I left the garden looking like this with all the tools scattered and the work incomplete. We began working on the deck and garden at 8:00 this morning and quit at 5:30. There was still enough light but.... 
This is what made me finally stop. A blister turned into a wound. OWIE.
 This is a better looking view. Ignore the weeds. They are a figment of your imagination. There are no weeds here.
I bet my back is going to be killing me in the morning. Maybe I need some of that muscle lineament stuff. I am so tired that I have lost the will to change the channel. Stuck watching a stupid infomercial.
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  1. Yeah, time to quit when you start hurting yourself. I only worked outside for a couple hours today but it was sooooooooo nice!

  2. What weeds? I don't see any weeds. :) Sorry about your thumb, that looks painful. Get some rest Deb.

  3. Sister, I can relate! I took muscle relaxers and acetaminophen before bed last night; by this morning, I could barely crawl out of bed. But, of course, when I did crawl, I crawled right back into the yard! Gotta love this time of year!

  4. I'll write it on a piece of paper and hang on my computer: "Weeds are a figment of my imagination!"

  5. I like to sleep on a heating pad set to low after I've done a lot of work that i think my back is going to be mad at me about! Hope yours is OK and looking forward to seeing deck photos! And, really, we can't see weeds.

  6. Owy owy ow! I haven't worked outside at all yet, Debbi (hard to do so in the snow) so I expect to hurt in places I didn't know I had when I finally get started.

  7. I just wish I knew when to quit. Hurts and I head out there anyway. My doctor told me to keep moving. Well, no one has to tell me twice. But a word of caution: don't keep going until your body is falling apart. I learned the hard way that they do not hand out new body parts.

  8. Ahhhhhh, just finished working in my sisters garden today & my back needs a rest. I'm sure I'm getting oto old for all this malarky!!

    Hope the thumb gets better soon, use some surgical spirit & dab it on with some cotton wool. It will harden the skin up on your digits :0)

    Only put it on AFTER it heals though or it will hurt... alot!

  9. Ouchie! Yeah time to take a break! I see no weeds anywhere they are invisible!(-:

  10. I'm not sure what "finish" means in the context of gardening. But your plot is sure looking good.

    (Uh--by the way--there are these things called "gloves" that can be very useful to gardeners. Ask around.) (And now I'm going to high-tail it down the highway before you can be after me. Good thing you're too sore to move!)

  11. Kim and Victoria, It was gorgeous. I even got a little sun burn.

    Racquel, I slept like a log.

    Nola, Thankfully, I had to work today, so it kept me out of the garden for the most part. But I will be right back at it tomorrow.

    Tatyana, use it as a mantra.

    Monica, that is a great idea.

    Jodi, I guess it is a spring tradition for gardeners to get extremely sore on the first pretty day.

    Brenda, I read your comment at work first thing this morning and distracted some patrons laughing.

    GFS, That sounds like it would hurt. Until it is well, I will just keep a bandaid and neosporin on it. Now I need to go find out what surgical spirits are:)

    Cindee, I know they just are not there.

    Kate, I have a disorder that causes me to take my gloves off without realizing it. Seems like I just have to touch dirt.

  12. Ouch! Weren't you wearing gardening gloves?

    But glad you're all enjoying getting outdoors after your looooong Winter.

  13. Foxy, Well no, that would be smart. Gloves are for whimps and gardeners with foresight.