Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Somehow I spent $100 at the nursery yesterday. All I intended to get was a bag of potting soil and some compost. Oops.

They had this Meyer's lemon tree and it was blooming. I just had to have it.
Bunnies eating flowers are just cute.  
Here is a picture of all of the plants back on the deck. 
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I also bought a banana tree for Manly Man, a flat of petunias, and a flat of marigolds. I wish y'all could smell that lemon tree. Sweeeet.


  1. Our potted lemon tree is the only thing the chooks haven't eaten. Well that and our roses.

    You shop like me. ;)

  2. Yum and pretties all in one post...perfect.

    I couldn't pick your post on blotaical. I think you need a title. Call it--Lemon Tree Very Pretty

  3. Foxy, Tough plants even determined birds cannot kill

    Anna, thanks for the heads up. I will add your title right now.

  4. Oh, it's sooooo easy to spend money on plants!

  5. OOOOOOOhhhhh !!!! Debbie I wish I could smell all of this too girl !
    I never leave with "just" what I thought I was going to get from a garden center or nursery .. we all have a "problem" with that ... you are not alone girl !!! Joy : )

  6. That lemon tree *is* pretty darn irresistible! Based on the the bunny's fur pattern, I'll assume it's a pet bunny, in which case, yes! Bunnies are cute eating anything long. I love they way they twirl carrots, for example!

  7. We never leave a store with just what we went for! James is really wanting a lemon tree to go along with our lime tree, I'm sure we will end up with one before the end of the season! Your bunny is adorable.

  8. thanks for sharing with us! looks great.

  9. I wish I could smell it too! Is it similar to smelling the lemon-scented geranium? I just love that. Oh, and lemon verbena!

  10. I would love a lemon tree! A friend of mine has one that always smells yummy! Good way to spend $100!! :)

  11. Kim and Victoria, yes it is.

    Joy, I can think of worse problems:)

    Monica, Yes they are pets.

    Shala, I love that tree. If I ever get a lemon I will REALLY love that tree.

    flowrgirl1, Your welcome and thank you.

    Brenda, They don't smell like lemon at all. They smell sweet.

    Linda, You should get one. The one i have is a topiary and looks just great in a container on the deck.