Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Very Nice Evening After a Stormy Day

It rained on and off all day, but cleared up and was a beautiful evening. I need to sweep up the deck. The peach trees have blown their blooms and made a big mess.

Most of the tomatoes are planted and I went ahead and companion planted with marigolds.

I seem to have a thing for broken containers.

Here's another one.
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  1. Did you get much rain? We didn't get much at all! And no storms after all that warning. It is a nice evening though..beautiful stars out tonight.

  2. Debbi - we had only sprinkles and spitting - not even 1/100th of an inch. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow. Hey - once those plants grow and flow over the pots no one will know they are missing parts!~

  3. Wow, tomatoes out already? Lucky you. Love the broken containers. We are usually so quick to toss things out when they are no longer perfect. If it still works, why not keep it in play? Love the first photo with the rain boots. That could be a book cover. :)

  4. I am just amazed that you already have blossoms. We are still a long ways away from that.


  5. It's so weird to read about people planting tomatoes, we are so far from that yet.

  6. I loved that first photo too. You could use it for your header thingie. Like my giant chook.

  7. I love your broken containers! They have character; something you just can't buy. I have plants in everything from wastebaskets, to kitty litter bucket, to old metal dishpans. Anything is fair game around here! My grandma had a 1/4 of an old tractor tire, it was crescent shaped, that she kept by her back door with something always blooming in it, I'd love to have one of those, but I don't know how you'd cut a tire!

  8. It's cold and rainy here, too. Is that your new deck trellis?

  9. I'm glad to see somebody takes care of the old broken containers. Wouldn't want to put them all out to pasture!

  10. Sounds like you're right on schedule with the planting. Good for you! I love your collection of broken containers. Gives different meaning to the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


  11. No rain here.
    I Love old worn out containers planted with pretty flowers! It is fun to make a new life out of them!

  12. Last year at this time I was begging for rain. Not now as we are catching up fast to normal levels.

    I too like the broken containers. As long as dirt still stays inside then it's a go. I like the marigolds and watering can container--can I have it?. Of course your boots are the bestest and what in the word is that under the bench up against the fence?. Looks like an old discarded pair of back rubber boots. How come they are there?

  13. Linda, It rained off and on about 1/2 inch. Today a full inch.

    Diana, My boss only got sprinkles too. Taday was better. I think we all got good and wet.

    Karen, Thanks about the photo. Tomatoes are in and happy.

    Jen, We get spring early and summer earlier.

    Kim and Victoria, Gardeners love to talk about the weather, don't we? With this interweb we can comment on each others weather differences. Fantastic.

    Nola, I bet my man could figure out how to cut up a tractor tire if you really want it.

    Monica, that is the old side of the deck.

    Brenda, Apparently I don't have enough sense to get rid of broken stuff. Or maybe, I just don't have time to get around to repotting stuff in better containers.

    Cindy, or if it is broke I can still make it work. My Dad calls it Aggie Engineering.

    Cindee, I am going to say they have character, not that the gardener is lazy.

    Anna, Come visit me in Texas and the watering can is yours. Those are Manly Man's lawn mowing boots. They are proof that I do not stage my photos. This is what it really looks like.

  14. Foxy, didn't mean to leave you out. Thanks for the photo compliment. I love those boots.

  15. I see your boots are making a regular appearance on your blog Debbi ;)

    We're having a stormy end to March - what's called 'going out like a lion' around here!

  16. When you've got kids around you've got to be willing to live with broken planters. If you can't, then you'll be out a fortune in new planters!

    I guess it's been a while since I've been here (or anywhere for that matter). Cheeshead is on vacation and we have been doing more household projects.

  17. VP, By the time you posted the comment, our weather has turned to storms and colder weather. Out like a lion exactly.

    Cinj, Glad to hear from you. I would like to blame the broke containers on the boys, but they are just old and falling apart.