Monday, March 9, 2009

We Have a Situation

We have a maybe problem. A squirrel baby is living in my potting bench. His mom is nearby scolding us all. The baby looks at us all cute and stuff. The Manx can barely control themselves. My potting bench is the perfect place to be for a squirrel baby. There is no way any of us can get to it through all the stacked up plastic pots. My poor potting bench housekeeping skills have made this a perfect baby squirrel living/hiding arrangement. Our baby squirrel, who is yet unnamed, is very chatty. The bunnies are confused. I was afraid for its little life until I realized that apart from cleaning up the potting bench that nothing, not dog, cat, monkey, or gardener could get to the little guy when he/she starts burrowing through all those plastic pots. So do I just wait until he/she moves on? What if this is a permanent arrangement? Am I responsible for providing food for this squirrel? I'm sort of sick of listening to his mother complain.


  1. Well I'm sorry to have to say this but..........

    That is SO CUTE!!!

    Take photos.

  2. Where are the pics? I know you have pics.

  3. Such cuteness, but no pictures! Maybe that's why the mama squirrel is complaining, her baby needs to be in pictures!
    I would leave the baby there, but then, I'm always rearranging my life for the comfort of animals. The only worry is that cats have a way of getting where you think they can't, so I'd be concerned the cats could get to baby S. Other than that, I think it will be okay. I wouldn't feed him, and I think when he's bigger, he'll move on.
    Now, get out and take some pictures of the baby!

  4. That's got to be so cute! I bet it's rather impossible to get a picture of it though.

  5. I thought I lived in a zoo. You have male monkeys, rabbits, squirrels, cats... Am I missing anyone?

  6. I am laughing at Brenda's comment! Brenda, you are so funny!

    The squirrels drive me crazy--but a baby...I love baby anythings!
    Yes--we need a picture!

  7. Foxy, It is cute, but it won't stay out from under the potting bench.

    James, All I could catch was the tail.

    Nola, I tried to take his picture and failed.

    Kim and Victoria, Apparently so.

    Brenda, You left out the dog and the fish.

    Linda, The baby won't leave out from under the potting bench so I hope to get pictures soon.