Friday, April 24, 2009

I Married Well

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Fridays are officially my favorite day. Both Manly Man and I have the day off and the Monkeys are in school.

I have a confession, I am not the best cook in this house. Now I can cook, but Manly can COOK. Today he made chicken fajitas. It takes hours and hours for him to prepare fajitas. The chicken is marinated for at least four hours. It takes more than an hour for the onions to caramelize. The peppers are roasted and sauteed. This stuff is gooood. We ate very well tonight. Middle Monkey walked in, took a sniff, and asked, "fajitas again?" Then he exclaimed "SWEEEET."

Yes, that is a picture of Manly tossing peppers in a skillet. If I tried that, there would be peppers all over the kitchen floor.

Don't hate me because my man cooks.


  1. My husband likes to cook also, and he's not bad unless he's had a wine or two then everything tends get chucked in LOL

    The fajitas sound divine Deb, love the photos and Middle Monkey saying "Sweeeeet". I could almost hear him!!

  2. Yum Debbi, kudos to Manly Man!!! And how lovely to have your Fridays all to yourselves...

  3. I'm envious. This is why I eat tv dinners and such. I hate to cook. Did it while my girls were growing up. So I guess I retired. Tossing something in a skillet would be disastrous for me too.

  4. Hi Foxy, He can cook even when he has a little beer.

    OFB, We only have a few weeks before school ends for the summer. Then they will be back.

    Brenda, The food around here is awesome, but your place is much cuter.

    Thanks Kim and Victoria.

  5. Isn't it great when we have men who can cook? That sounds like a yummy dinner. Cheesehead's not into using any vegetables in his cooking though, so if I want veggies I need to make them. (Unless it's corn on the cob.)

  6. Manly man takes very good care of you. It looks yummy. I plan on growing lots of peppers this year.. Oh, and my man makes a mean grilled cheese.. LOL

  7. Cinj, He always makes complete meals. I am trying to learn how to make a salad out of his grilled food. If not, I will always be big.

    Tink, Yes he does. I am very lucky. We love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.

  8. Can I borrow your chef? Also, if that umbrella comes up missing, tell the cops it's probably in Ellis county! I need a big one like that until I get some shade trees over here.

  9. Nola, why don't y'all just come over for dinner some time. We got those umbrellas on sale last year they have solar lights on the underside. Very cool.