Monday, April 6, 2009

!@#$%&* Stupid Weather

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So, it is April but Mother Nature doesn't seem to care. We are supposed to get down to 29 tonight. We covered up the tomatoes and did the move the plant dance for the eleventy billionth time. Tomorrow, we will drag them all outside again. Hopefully, this will be the last time, but don't count on anything. Mother Nature is messing with me, seriously.

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  1. Ahh, so sorry your weather is being uncooperative. It's not the greatest in a lot of places. In fact, here in VA, we might get snow flurries! This, after 70 degree weather yesterday. Mother Nature is asleep at the wheel;-/

    I hope your weather will start warming up! I laughed when I read your post...even though it's not funny to you, it was humorous the way you presented it! Have a good evening, and hope your spring gets better soon!!

  2. Sorry your weather is driving you crazy.
    I think ours is starting to settle down, but I am still covering everything at night. I think we could still get a frost.

  3. Same here...dang it. It's normal for us to have wacky weather in the Spring. I don't like it though. You know I have a million seedlings in my makeshift cold frames. Will they survive with blankets? Who knows? And just for two dad gum nights. We'll hope for the best.

  4. We have almost beat the record high this week- makes me paranoid! I remember last year having really nice weather, right about the time that I desperately needed to harden everything off in the greenhouse- then I had to run out there and rush everything back inside because of pounding rain and I think hail! I have more tunnels this year and my test tomato is going in the or die!

    I hope your weather settles for you- happy gardening!

  5. Debbie .. girl you could be looking at the WHITE stuff like I am right now .. so as much as you are aggravated by the cold temps .. well .. it could always be worse ?? you could be saying some very naughty words like I have this morning .. I covered the girls ears when I said them ?? : )

  6. My sentiments, exactly! I'm tired of this, already. I can't drag those plants around much more, my back doth protest too much!

  7. 29? Crikey, that's cold for Texas!! That's about what it was here in southeastern Michigan. But at least you didn't get 6 inches of heavy wet snow! Just sayin'! ;-)

  8. Gack, there was condensation on our windows this morning which means it got COLD last night! Fortunately, the huge, heavy fig trees we put out on the deck on Sunday still seem fine, but if our temps drop into the 30s you can bet we'll be lurching inside under the bazillion-pound pots. We feel your pain!!!

  9. Go ahead. Get it out. All the expletives you want to. I'm with you. And by the way, I mention your dear monkeys in my post I just wrote.

  10. Hi Jan, I feel pretty silly. Today was a wonderful day.

    Keewee, hopefully that was the last one.

    Anna, Hope they made it.

    Tessa, Sometimes we just have to let it happen.

    Joy, I could be like Dee and blame our weather on Canida. If it snowed here now you would just have to shoot me.

    Nola, my boys are sick of having to help me.

    Monica, it is cold for Texas. If we got six inches of snow the state would shut down.

    OFB, yikes. I really think this was the last one, right? right?

    Brenda, I am sure the monkeys can put your fridge out of your misery. But then you will need a new fridge and likely some stain remover.

  11. At least I'm not having to do the haul the plants dance yet. Not even any plants for sale in the garden centers here yet. If you came up here and saw our "nice" weather you'd say it was still winter. It got over 40 today, but with 20 mile per hour winds I stayed inside most of the day! At least the snow is still melting.

    Glad to see you've got some pretty blooms there. My tulips are about an inch or so out of the ground now. I guess it's a nice start.

  12. Hi Cinj, I know. I complain too much.

  13. Ha ha. "Eleventhy billionth" time. I know what you mean.

  14. Kim and Victoria, It may have actually been something more like seven. Still, enough.