Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thing to Do Around Here in April

VP posted another You Ask We Answer (YAWA) edition on things to do around her neck of the woods. As a YAWA A.P.E. Texas Branch correspondent I feel the responsibility to tell you of a couple of things we can do around here at this time of year.

First I hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Kaufman County Master Gardeners' Spring Seminar at the First Assembly Church of God Church at 3401 S Houston St Corner of State Hwy 34 and FM 1388] in Kaufman, Texas. 8am registration. Program begins at 9 am. No attendance fee/ pre registration is not required. Seminar will include a Master Gardener plant sale, as well as the sale of Orchids and Earth Kind Roses, a silent auction, refreshments, informational booths and a photography contest [2 -8x10 photos per entrant. Photos must be submitted during registration between 8-9 am]. Speakers will be Lynn Ackerman, Master Gardener: Gardening with Cactus and Succulents; Dotty Woodson Ed D Extension Program Specialist- Water Resources Texas AgriLife Extension Texas A & M System: Home Irrigation Systems; Pat Abramson, Master Gardener: Gardening with Herbs. If additional information is needed, please call 972-932-9069. I will be the crazy lady selling plants.

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival will run 4/17-19. I am planning on attending on Friday and hope to get a bunch of other north Texas garden bloggers to meet up with me there.

Finally, Dallas Blooms will run through 4/12 at the Dallas Arboretum.


  1. SOunds like lots of fun things happening there! Have a great Friday!!!

  2. Debbi - thanks for joining in on this month YAWA events diary!

    If only I could join you at the Master Gardener seminar and blue bonnet trails - you'll be posting some pictures I hope?

  3. Ok--see you there ;) I would love it if I was close enough. I would love more just getting to chat with ya.

  4. Wow ... there is a lot to do there girl ! Don't spread yourself too thin on events though .. remember, you are getting older now ! hehehe
    I left some of the chocolate for you in the gravy boat btw : )

  5. Spring is a great time for garden activities OUTside the garden, too!

  6. Oh Debbi, I am volunteering at the BB Fest, so be sure we find each other! Not sure what time I'll be there, I'll be at the Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau, but probably Friday morning. Anyone who wants to drive the trail needs to come by the ECVB and get a highlighted map. The bluebonnets are looking good, the roadsides are turning bluer every day! BTW, Friday is perfect if you don't like crowds! I'll be mentioning it more next week...

  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the area goings on, Ms. Regional Correspondent & Mother Monkey!

  8. Sounds like some great fun! We had our local MG conference this past weekend and I discovered a new vice-orchids! :)

  9. Hi Cindee, happy weekend to you too.

    My pleasure VP. Wish you could be here too.

    Anna, wouldn't it be fun. Maybe someday.

    Joy, thanks for leaving some chocolate:) I am feeling my age in my lower back right now.

    Monica, Exactly. I already bought three new plants at the presale jus for master gardeners. They are going to end up with my money again.

    Nola, I will email you to find out about times and such.

    Brenda, you're welcome.

    Lisa, I am very afraid of that orchid lady. There is no telling what I might come home with.

  10. wish I could pop by and buy a plant from you!!

  11. Well hello Sarah my internet niece. I would gladly give you a plant. I think you need a passion flower.