Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whew, Glad That's Over.

Ever work work work work work on something then it happens and boom over. The seminar went well. The speakers were good and the plant sale and auction were successful. I made it to the niece's baby shower late, but I got to see all my beautiful nieces and precious grand nephews. There are two relatively new grand nieces by marriage that I need to get to know better, but time will take care of that. I am worn out and feel deflated. Guess what, I don't have a single solitary thing on my schedule for tomorrow. What a relief.

BTW, Nobody bid on the wall hanging so it came home with me. I could have just gone to bed last night. Durn.


  1. Take it easy. I've been going and going and going for the last few weeks. It felt good to take today off. Realxing is nice, I need to remember to do more of it....


  2. Congrats, Debbi! Glad you had a successful sale and got to see the family. but what do you MEAN, nobody bid on your fabulous wall hanging?!!! Sheesh. You could probably auction it off here on your blog and make enough for an entire gardening season! Or save it for a special occasion for one of those dear family members. Too bad about the wretched deadline, but the work itself certainly won't be wasted!

  3. Debbie girl .. you NEED some DEBBIE TIME .. rest up and recharge .. things are bound to get busier so you need some time off now to cope with that .. you have beautiful back ground to your blog now ... did I miss that happening ? jeez ! LOL

  4. Tell the three monkeys that mom deserves a good rest. No shenanigans. No socks on the ceiling fan. No killing of onions. And whatever else they've managed to think up since I last had contact with you. Tell them hordes of big bad garden bloggers will descend upon your house and show no mercy. No pranks. Hear me, Monkeys?

  5. I am glad you had a good time! Now you can take a break?(-: Sorry no bids on your beautiful wall hanging. Whats wrong with those people?(-: Do you get to keep it now?(-:

  6. The quilt is lovely, can't believe nobody bid on it.

  7. Cinj, it sounds like we both need a break.

    Thanks OFB, but really, nobody bid on it so it came home with me. We know a family who just had a baby girl. They are going to get the wall hanging. It's all good.

    Joy, I've had the background for a while now. In fact, I am begging my sister to make me a new one. Thanks just the same:) Yes, some me time would be good, I am planning a day to myself on Tuesday.

    Brenda, Snort. I never thought of threatening them with my blogging friends. The beauty in that particular type of threat is they don't know who your are or where you may come from. This could be the beginning of something beatiful.

    Cindee, Thanks. The wall hanging will have a good home. Don't worry.

    Foxy, Thanks I figure they don't deserve it.