Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Carrot, Not pretty

Well lookie there. One of the first carrots of the year is bifurcated. Yes, I know how to avoid this. No, I am not going to replace all our soil with sandy loam. Not unless we win the lottery. Doesn't it look like it is doing high kicks?
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  1. LOL! You've got a Rockette Carrot! Cool!


  2. Ha yes I can see it.. LOL That's gonna be a hard one to peel.. ha

  3. I have to agree with Cindy .. that was the first thing that popped into my mind .. a Rockette ! haha
    Ain't gardening INTERESTING ? LOLOL

  4. Ah yes, in the "Why I Don't Grow Carrots" category. But never mind how weird they are, your bunnies will love them (Abby, too)!

  5. That is definitely a high kicking Carrot, lol. Pretty appropriate for the former Drill Teamer, huh? ;) I bet it tastes just as good too.

  6. Yes, it absolutely does! Love that boy's grin!

  7. I thought about legs before reading your comment! Love it!

    Oh, and you've already had INFINITELY better luck with growing carrots than I have, so good for you!

  8. Cindy, I think I will name her Gigette.

    Tink, There is bad new, gigette did not make it to the peeler.

    Yes it is Joy, but none of us want gigette's fate.

    Ofb, Abby didn't have a chance to make it to gigette, a monkey got to her first.

    Racquel, You think she would have gotten a little more respect.

    Dirt Princess, Funny if you aren't Gigette.

    Brenda, He used that grin to bite of her leg.

    Ginger, Lucky for me not lucky for the carrot I named. That monkey ate her without a second thought. Poor Gigette.

  9. They will all taste the same, and for goodness sake do NOT peel them, most of the goodness is in the skin. Read more in the World Carrot Museum.

  10. Lookie there everybody, there is a carrot museum.

  11. That carrot could joint the dance line. Maybe the monkeys could find a succession of those kind of carrots and make a fun veggie video. You could call it carrots doing a conga. LOL.

  12. Cinj, I am so going to go pull all the carrots and see what type of dance group we can put together