Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here They Are in all Their Glory: Grammy and Opa

Here they are, the parental and grand parental units. This should explain everything. Seven kids a dozen grand kids. These two are playing with her mothers' day hat. Weeeeeee.
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  1. I hope you had a wonderful day today!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!!

  2. Debbie ... I think the "hat" suits them both girl ! haha

  3. I like both their poses, and good on your granddad for wearing the hat (if only in fun!).

  4. Your parents look like my kind of people, Debbi! No wonder you and the Monkeys turned out so well!!!!

  5. Ahahaha! Those photos do explain everything; I see your parents passed their wonderful sense of fun along to you. There's my laugh for the day.

  6. What really precious people! Lucky you!!

  7. Yep, it does kind of explain! By the way, how on earth do I start this Twittering thing? I've gone on there, but am too technologically challenged to figure it out. I just see my profile sitting there with next to nothing on it, as I've registered at some point. And it doesn't tell me what to do from there. You are sensible. Tell me where to start.

  8. I did Cindee hope you did too.

    Joy, He had an old hat that was all torn up. He named it old floppy. This is a big improvement.

    Monica, He is silly like that

    OFB, We have fun.

    Nola, Glad to make you smile.

    Thanks linda.

    Brenda, I just started and really don't know what to do. If an empty window shows up at the top, type something in it and push enter. It should publish.

    Thanks Foxy.

  9. Now I understand where you got your sense of humor, lol! ;)

  10. Racquel, yep it explains everything.