Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Scary Storms

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Last night was a little hairy. We had some wild storms come through. Our house didn't flood, but my sister had an inch of water in her kitchen and their trampoline was mangled by the wind.

We have two large deck umbrellas. Manly left one of them open and it was really blowing around. In the past, I would have gone out in the rain and closed it, but after reading the Lightening Series over at Rock Paper Lizard, I won't do that anymore. It did blow over, but landed in a peach tree and wasn't broken.

Baby Monkey decided he was going out to take care of it. I didn't let him, but doesn't he look prepared?

Manly works at a water plant and he was exhausted when he got home this morning. He rattled off the millions of gallons of water that went through the place, but I was so overwhelmed I can't remember the actual numbers, something like a bazillion an hour.

Over the last week, it looks like we have had between four to six inches of rain. Everything is sodden and smells like earth. It is not supposed to rain again until Tuesday. Maybe we will dry out a little by then. This has to be good for the lakes, but the Trinity river is out of its banks in some places.

It will be too wet to work in the garden for a few days. Don't worry that I won't have anything to blog about as Paul Riddell of The Texas Triffid Ranch will be speaking to our master gardener group tomorrow. I'll bring you the dirt on his carnivorous plant lecture tomorrow.

How's your weather?


  1. We've had a ton of rain for our area, it's been good, and bad. It could stop anytime, and I guess it's supposed to soon.

  2. Our weather is typical Autumn weather, beautiful.

    Glad you didn't flood, did your sister sustain much damage?

    Love the Baby Monkey goggles!

  3. No gardening for me for a while, our backyard has standing water everywhere! All I can think of is mosquitoes!!! yuk!
    You do realize the umbrella in first picture looks like a ghost--don't you?? :)

  4. It was a beautiful sunny weekend here. I would have preferred a bit more rain for establishing my new plants, but we did get a bit of outdoor work done.

    Temps are low so plants need to be protected. We bought MIL some plants for mother's day so I should drag them inside so they don't freeze.

    SO glad to hear you didn't flood. I hope you get to dry out for a while

  5. We are finally getting rain! It has rained over an inch here in the last couple of days. Not as much as you but it was very welcome!
    Scary to think of flooding! No chance of that here but we could use more rain. I am glad your umbrella did not break. Mine did last year and my husband fixed it with a hose clamp. Then another piece broke this winter and he put another hose clamp on it. It held up great! Still working! I never seem to remember to take mine down.
    Meadowview Thymes is right I thought it was a ghost at first too!!!!
    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  6. I'm glad you are ok. We had at least one tornado just east of us. But we don't have a drop of rain yet. I didn't water gambling that our 70% chance will happen. So sorry for your sister.

    Look forward to hearing about the presentation.

    I was too close to lightening once and it affected the hearing in my right ear or is it left? I can't tell because somehow my brain made up for it and evens out the whole mess. But it left me with a real fear of storms.

    Was the storm that hit you--the same that collapsed the Cowboy training dome?

  7. Kim and Victoria, we will have a day without rain and then it is going to start again.

    Foxy, I was over at her house tonight. Not too much damage, but they had to pull up all the rugs and move a lot of furniture. The trampoline was a total loss.

    Linda, My garden is standing in water too. Glad I put in raised beds. I know the umbrella looks a little weird. The wind was blowing like crazy.

    Hi Cinj, Glad you got some stuff done. I will have to wait a while to get out there. Everything is a muddy mess.

    Cindee, Great, is there now an internet rumor that Aunt Debbi's Garden is haunted?

    Anna, Wow, glad you were not actually struck. Sister is doing fine, thanks. The storm that collapsed the cowboys training dome was the first wave of four storms tha came through starting in the afternoon and ending at about six this morning.

  8. Deb, it always seems like our part of the world is at extremes, either too dry or too wet. We didn't get the wild storms, but lots and lots of rain. Hope y'all dry out soon, and I'm so glad you like the letters.~~Dee

  9. We haven't had any rain! It has rained all around us, just not on us. I'm pretty sure James has jinxed us by buying rain barrels, I'm affraid it will never rain again!

  10. You certainly do get some dramatic weather down there at this time of year (or is it all year?). The thunderstorms I enjoy (despite the umbrella incident, which really happened), but 100 MPH winds, not so much.

    Thanks for the link!

  11. It would take one hell of a storm to scare me, I reckon. I hail from Oklahoma, where the tornadoes are numerous. I will probably regret saying that, won't I? The "weather karma" will probably now strike me down. Baby Monkey is quite cute in his get up.

  12. We've been getting some rain & storms too. Not quite as bad as yours I see. Glad you didn't let Baby Monkey go out to rescue the umbrella. Kids are fearless, aren't they?

  13. Hi Dee, I saw that the storms were moving through OK as well. Glad you didn't get nailed like we did. Yes, I am enjoying the letters very much.

    Shala, My rain barrels didn't fill up for weeks after I brought it home.

    Hugh, I was wondering how much of that story was true. The wind scares me because an umbrella actually blew though a sliding glass door at a friends house during a storm.

    Brenda, I don't completely freak out, but I am not totally brave either, not like Baby Monkey

    Racquel, He thinks he is bullet proof, but mom knows better. Hopefully, the really bad weather is behind us.

  14. Glad you survived with no real damage. I had heard there were bad storms in your area. Baby Monkey does look prepared and I love the googles!

  15. beckie, he was going to see through the rain.