Friday, May 22, 2009

Mine All Mine

I found these in the side yard this afternoon. After the boys had their fruit orgy earlier this week, I decided these were mine, ALL MINE.
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  1. You go girl ! In fact I have some blue ? purple fingers here from eating berries myself .. I laugh when I see my tongue .. too funny but big yummy ! : )

  2. Add a can of whip cream and find a place to hide.

  3. Yummy! I think I'd like mine atop some ice cream please :)

  4. MMM. Better shove them into your face before the monkeys discover what you've found!

  5. Better start hoarding that fruit. Or buy some Metamucil.

  6. Okay call me berry ignorant, are those blackberries or mulberries? And where are mine??

  7. Whoa, those are monster blackberries, Debbi! Yow!!!

  8. You deserve them Deb! Those Monkeys are going to eat you out of house & home Hope all is going well with the diet. My hubby was told to do the same thing so we are eating more fruit & veggies & fish. :)

  9. Joy, they found my stash.

    anna, yummy

    Tessa, That sounds good too.

    Cinj, I did

    Brenda, No kidding.

    Foxy, Black berries. In my yard.

    OFB, I can't remember what the vines name is, but it makes great big berries.

    Racquel, I am doing very well with the diet. BP normal on one med. Hoping to get off of it in time.