Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry No GBBD Post. We Have Swimming

We interrupt our usual monthly Garden Bloggers Blooms Day post to bring you the first day of swimming here in north Texas. The water was still cold. No I didn't go in. Instead, I documented their fun and winter tans. Go over and see Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see the real Garden Bloggers Blooms Day Posts.

Happy Summer Y'all.
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  1. I'm impressed that you can take off your winter jackets right now. It is still kind of chilly here some days.


  2. Debbi, it's a great shot or should I say great flight?!!

  3. What a perfect mid air diving ?belly flop ? shot of the monkey !
    They all look too darn happy to be in the pool .. now that is perfect : )

  4. Friday was a good day for a first here it is Saturday and it's cool and rainy. Texas!!!

  5. Let those monkeys and apes wear themselves out in the sun having fun. Maybe then they will have no energy left for weekend hijinks.

  6. That boy 'er monkey, jumping in the pool is priceless. Flower he isn't, but happy he is.~~Dee

  7. Wow, Debbi! Is that YOUR pool? Can I come over (once the water warms up)?!!! It looks SO inviting!

  8. Muddy boots, it was hot yesterday. Today it is cool. Crazy Texas weather.

    Tatyana, Thanks, I just got lucky.

    Thanks joy, they were happy until they weren't.

    Linda, You should see my hair. All curly and no place to go in the rain.

    Brenda, I am glad we got outside and let them swim yesterday. Today they are stuck in the house because of the rain.

    OFB, it's my moms. But you are welcome to come take a dip. Just watch out for my folks, they have a weird sense of humor.

  9. I bet that water is a bit chilly still, but I'm sure the boys didn't mind. ;)

  10. Nothing like a jump in the pool! I bet they had a great time!!!!

  11. Racquel, You should have seen them laying on the sidewalk trying to get warm. Too funny.

    Cindee, They did. Glad I took them because today it is cold again.

  12. Yay, love that pool! Great action shot.

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