Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where's the Fruit?

So, I put myself on a diet. It is not some silly little "you will use lose 20 lbs in 2 days diet" nope this is a diet to help lower my blood pressure. The plan calls for lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy. Sweets, simple carbs, and alcohol are limited. Right now I am not ingesting the three bad boys at all. My blood pressure dropped into a low normal range pretty quickly on this plan. As it continues to drop, I hope to get off of my medication.

I am not a very strong willed person. In order to follow this plan, I need all that healthy food right at my fingertips or I am going to make a bad choice. Here is where it gets difficult. Sunday I bought a big bag of grapefruit, a large bunch of bananas, a bunch of mixed lettuce greens, a bag of apples, and a pineapple. When I got home from work tonight, there was not a fruit in the house. They ate it all, every bit of it. There was just enough lettuce to make myself a salad for dinner.

I'm not sure I can afford to stay on this diet. Apparently, my kids can hold five pounds of fruit per kid per day. Yikes.


  1. That's not a problem here. Cheesehead buys junk if I don't and I have no will power either so I eat said junk.

  2. Good luck with your diet Debbi! You need to get that blood pressure down---remember you have to get through the monkey teen years! :)

  3. Wow, I'm inspired, Debbi! But like you, I'd need to be staring the fruit and etc. in the face to keep me away from the rice, pasta and pizza. (Sigh.) But I have this feeling that OFB would go for the tortilla chips and cheese and leave me to my yogurt, fruits and veggies. Still not sure I'd have the willpower, though!---Silence

  4. My hubbies blood pressure was elevated for a while, all he did was stop drinking his ONE soda a day and it went back down. I think I hate him.

  5. Better watch out for your plumbing. If they're ingesting that much fruit, I can't believe the monkeys won't blow out the toilets.

  6. Hi, I saw your blog at Beccas, I noticed the BP diet. I hate the medication also, by totally eliminating coffee I was able to maintain a great pressure for about a year. Then it went bonkers. So I am on the meds again. But it did work for cholesterol also went down when I stopped drinking coffee, just an added benefit I guess. Good luck ! :)

  7. Good luck on your diet Debbi. I am on one as well. Main thing I have found that helps me is eating on a schedule. I have lost 20 lbs since January and havent had to sacrifice any of the things I like, (well if you dont count the bourbon). We do love the garden though. We too have been looking at and planting the ornamental shrubs. Great luck to ya.

  8. Cinj, Sounds familiar. Manly buys a lot of snacks.

    Linda, Thanks. I am really happy with my BP numbers. Was able to come off of one medication today.

    Silence, I don't have much will power. But I have a 10 year old and I have to keep care of this now.

    Kim and Victoria, my man loses ten pounds in just a couple of weeks when he cuts out colas. Pisses me off.

    Brenda, I know. You would think they would get sick.

    Far side of Fifty, If I have to give up coffee, somebody is just going to have to shoot me. It is a quality of life thing.

    Hi Wade, I've got more like 40 to lose, but that is okay. Just knowing my BP is coming down is motivating me.