Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 Trip Three Blog Posts

Anybody know what kind of bird this is? It doesn't look like a cardinal.
Today was a very interesting day. We have a library patron who is a Texas Historian. He entertained us with a very interesting story about a cowgirl stunt woman and the Nation Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I will get to that tomorrow. After we closed the library we took a trip to Canton Texas and stopped at a natural spring, a pea farm, a nice vegetable stand and an awesome blackberry farm. I will get to those on Monday.
Because of the things I was able to buy on our trip we were able to have lady cream peas, fried okra and hot water cornbread for dinner. Lady cream peas are awesome. I don't think I will grow black eyed or purple hulls again until I have a bigger garden. For this garden it will be lady creams from here on out.
Have any good veggies for dinner lately?
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  1. Wonder if it's a Summer Tanager? And is your mystery cowgirl Annie Oakley?

  2. Anna, thanks for the bird identification. No she isn't Annie Oakley, but she was stunt double in a movie about her.

  3. Debbie girl ... I have no idea what that bird is but I love that RED !

  4. I say tanager, too. And OMG, what wouldn't I give to eat fried okra and hot-water cornbread at your house! Please tell us more about cream peas and how you prepare them.

  5. I love, love, love lady creams! The only thing I don't like is that they are harder to shell than black-eyes. (add a little Mrs Renfro's chow-chow to them-triple yum!) I went to Cotton's yesterday-we are having new potatoes and fresh green beans, purple hull peas, meatloaf and cornbread today. Yum-Yum!!
    Cotton gets most of their Texas produce from Canton.

  6. Joy, the internet says it is a summer Tanager.

    ofb, tomorrow I will post on the places we went and the food we bought. Will include pea and hot water cornbread info.

    Linda, I haven't grown them before, but I think it will be worth a shot. I even ate them for breakfast.