Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello Mr. Stripey

The honor of first ripe tomato goes to Mr. Stripey. He beat out early girl by a long shot. Of course, the little cherry tomatoes are ripening a few at at time and will make produce fruit longer than the rest during the heat. That pepper is supposed to be a Serrano, but it doesn't look like any Serrano I've ever seen before. Stupid plant labels.
Tomorrow I will eat this Mr. Stripey and not share. I wills save the seeds to grow it again next year. Now I am off to try to figure out how to braid that garlic. Posted by Picasa


  1. The Mr. Stripey -- it's a thing of beauty, for sure! My fav tomato, absolutely! Had a hard time finding it this year, but I did, albeit late. So, my first tomato goes to "Patio", as usual, but I look to the Mr. Stripey to be huge and prolific! You might enjoy my tomato posts, if you are as much a tomato fiend as I am!

  2. Oh, how far ahead you are! I have just several tiny puny fruit on my tomato plants. Shame on me, I never heard about Mr. Stripey! Maybe, he is a southern guy. What are those cherry babies, Sun Gold?
    Garlic is outstanding! And now I'll go talk to my tomatoes!

  3. I just planted out three tomatoes yesterday--they're still small. How are the heirlooms from the seed swap doing? Maybe I can show your large plants to my small ones for inspiration! :)

  4. islandgardener, I got it wrong that picture is an avivvi from monica.

    Tatyana, I am living it up now but wait a few weeks when it is hot a hades and hear me whine.

    Becca, I'll save you some seeds.

    Monica, turns out I had it wrong. That is one of you babies - Avivvi