Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mistaken Tomato Identity

The tomato I said was Mr. Stripey yesterday is not Mr. Stripey at all. It is Avivvi. Monica from Garden Faeries Musings was generous enough to share these seeds among others with me in a progressive seed exchange earlier this year. The other tomato seeds I took from the exchange were Ladino di Panacchio which is producing lots of flattened ribbed fruit. They are still little, but the plant is loaded.

Thanks again Monica. You're the best.

I'm back. I just ate that tomato and it was awesomely delicious. There is nothing in this world as good as the first homegrown tomato of the summer sprinkled with a little sea salt and eaten all by itself. Avivvi had a nice acid real tomato flavor. I will definitely grow it again and again. I like it even better than green zebra.


  1. Well, my tomatoes are tiny. No flowers yet. I lost a lot of them in a freak frost and re-sowed. My Avivvi are some of the resown ones, still having only their seed leaves. I'm so glad they'll end up all stripey, though!! Looking forward to more photos (and contemplating a move to warmer climes!). :)

  2. Better than a green zebra? I don't believe it.

  3. OK, zone 8, now I get why you're EATING home grown tomatoes!!!
    Good for you!

  4. Debbi, just received my seeds in the mail, thanks so much! That's a great bookmark, thank you! And are those seeds "collard" seeds?

  5. Monica, i'm lovin that tomato

    Becca, Seriously sister it was that good.

    Kim and Victoria, glad you got the seeds. Yes there are collards. sorry about my handwriting.

  6. Tomatoes sound so good..but they make my mouth swell up! Oh well..lots of other good things out there to enjoy. We grow them for hubby.

  7. You're hilarious leaving in the middle of the post to eat your tomato!!
    I got my seeds (and awesome bookmark!) today between coming home from a crappy day at work and leaving to go out of town for work for the night. What a great surprise to brighten my day! Thank you!

  8. Linda, I am so sorry about your tomato situation. I will eat your share.

    Ginger, So glad you got them. You are so welcome. Enjoy