Monday, July 20, 2009

Claire's Quilt

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I finally finished Baby Claire's quilt. She was born last winter and is the youngest daughter of my youngest brother.

We believe that the nine patch squares were pieced by our great grandmother, but nobody knows for sure. It took me months to get back to work on this. I quilted hearts and butterflies into this quilt because I like them and think they are nice in a baby girl's quilt.


  1. Precious and it turned out really pretty.

  2. Very nice Debbi. Sometimes these projects just take a little longer than we thought. :) Be sure to make a tag to sew on the back with info: your name, date it was finished, who it is for, and that you think the nine patches were made by ....and put her name as well. Maybe even her birth date and death date.

    Then it will be a true treasure to hand down through the generations.

  3. It's beautiful. I am always so in awe of quilters! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Debbie girl ... I really like that diamond design .. very pretty indeed .. hope Claire appreciates it as she gets older ? : )

  5. You are so clever Deb, it's lovely.

  6. Thanks anna and Karen.

    Beckie, I am trying to get back into the things I did before I went back to work. Rebalance my life I guess. The labels are a very good idea.

    Thanks Linda.

    Joy, But we had to do math to put that thing together. Me and Mamala doing math is quite funny. It turned out almost square.

    Thanks Foxy.