Friday, July 31, 2009

Fire and Lemons

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The garden clean up is rolling right along. My mom told me that it looks better than ever. This is high praise from my mom. Audio books have changed my life. I can work for hours and not even notice because the story keeps me entertained.

Tonight I worked for about an hour cleaning up the tomato row. Only two of the plants are still alive. The others were pulled out. Because they had been infected with a fungus, I knew not to compost them. I put them in the little chiminea and set them on fire. Then Middle Monkey burned some old rose canes I had trimmed a few weeks ago. The first picture is the fire.

The second picture is my Meyer lemon tree. Several of the lemons are beginning to ripen. The monkeys are eying them suspiciously. I hope I get a couple for myself.

Tomorrow I go to the meet and greet at Eden's Garden the CSA farm I am joining with a working share. I will post all about it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Well, I couldn't resist "the most boring blog post ever"! :) I've never seen one of those fire places with an actual fire in it! V. cool.

    What audio books are you listening to? I understand that those "performed" by professional actors are usually more satisfying than those read by the author.

  2. Debbie I love those little fire things .. we saw lots in Europe because most Dutch gardens are small .. talk about the urge to roast a marshmallow ?? !!!!

  3. Wow can't even imagine a fire here in the summer! That would be fun though!(-: I have a Meyer too. One lemon is on it. I just bought the plant last Spring(-: I am excited to see if it grows(-:
    Hope you have fun today(-:

  4. I want a chimnea! We have an old washing machine tub for our outside fire. Not that we can use it as it's rained for the last million years or so.

    I have that exact breed of lemon in a big pot on the front porch!

  5. Hi Chuck thanks for stopping by. I answered your questions at your blog.

    Joy, We love that thing.

    Cindee, Loving my Meyer lemon. I bought it last spring, but it was a big plant even then.

    Foxy, we've been getting a lot of rain too, especially for this time of year. tub sounds like a great fire pit. Hope your lemon is doing well

  6. Glad the cleanup is going so well. Do you listen to the audio books on your iPod or a cd player, or what? Great idea!~~Dee