Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Joined a CSA

So here I am in the library. My puter still won't get the interweb, stupid puter. You'd think after several non blogging days I would have something very important to blog about, but no. Seems like I have the heat of summer doldrums.

We did get a little rain and the weather has dropped from a bazillion back into the 90's. Several people in the area of have had serious heat related health issues. I don't go outside after lunch time anymore.

I did join a local CSA farm with a working share membership. What this means is I will work a few hours ever week on the farm for my share of the produce. The farm is Eden's Garden in Balch Springs Texas. They also run a Saturday market. CSA (community supported agriculture) are farms that are supported by the local community. This one is run to provide a living wage for the farmer and provide organically grown produce to members. They also have meat, eggs, and dairy available from other area farmers and ranchers on the market days. I am looking forward to this as our little garden just doesn't give us enough food and I want to concentrate on herbs and cut flowers in it from here on out.


  1. Sorry about your pc!
    Sounds like you joined a great group. We don't have room for a good garden, just a few things. So I really enjoy the local produce stand. I am so afraid these types of markets will be a thing of the past before long, so I try and buy from them as much as I can.

  2. CSA sounds like a fun thing to do, and you will also have some great produce to show for your effort.

  3. I should look into something like that. CSA's sound great, but I haven't had much money in the past. Looks like we're getting things figured out now finally though.

    My garden's doing great so I'm pretty happy with it, bloom galore. Send some heat our way. We shattered our record low temps so the a/c hasn't worked much at all this year. Feels like October here already. Should be great for our electric bill... At least we got some much needed rain.

  4. CSA- sounds like a wonderful idea. And should be some fun and very interesting. will try to send you some of our rain and cool temps. Down to 56 tonight. :)

  5. There's one local-ish CSA near Ann Arbor but they don't have working memberships. For me, the time/gas spent driving to get my produce, plus the fact that I don't have a family to feed, does not make it cost effective, but I support CSAs in principle! :)

  6. Linda, I agree. We need to support them. Box stores don't need all of our money.

    Keewee, I think it will be great. Plus I can get my farming fix while staying in my little in town home.

    Cinj, You might just email them and offer. The lady who runs the one here took me right up on the offer.

    Beckie, The rain would be very much appreciated

    Monica, It is a lot of food. This one allows people to split shares.