Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank You for Being My Friends

The recent medical revelations and acknowledgment of my body's need for care has made me a little nostalgic and reflective today. I have been imagining and preparing for the next stage of my life for a few months. They boys are not little anymore, I am back to work and Manly and I have discovered our love of traveling together.

Priorities are shifting. Plans and dreams are changing. I no longer want a big house and acres of land. I don't see my future self as rich or influential. I want a pretty home and to be involved in our community. I want to get on a plane and go far away with my man to see and experience different lands and cultures. Instead of taking on the debt of a huge new home and land, I want to pay for college for my boys outright and saddle neither myself nor them with debt for their education.

I want to be thin and healthy again. I want to live as much of my life as I can without physical limitations. Yes, vanity plays a little into this, but I will take advantage of that motivation to reach the goal of a healthy body.

I've been thinking about all the people that have touched my life virtually and face to face since I have started this blogging thing. I count people from all over this country, England, Australia and Japan among my friends. Many of you have shown me opportunities to think outside of my life and into a larger world community. Some of my plants' babies are living and growing in far away gardens and some of your plants' babies are living and growing in my garden right now. Several of you offered support and reassurance regarding my medical situation. For that, I offer a special thank you. (At this point I should begin linking everyone, but there are just too many of you.)

Thanks for being part of my life. I am really looking forward to the future.

Okay, I'm finished being serious now so-

Why do melons have fancy weddings? Because they cantaloupe.

Please forgive me for leaving out my friends in Canada. That we are all "north Americans" thing just let me slip up. Apologies


  1. Aw, Debbi, how sweet of you! We love you, too! One of your babies that lives with me (the passionvine) is about to bloom, I'm soooo excited.

  2. LOL, they cantaloupe! Hyuck hycuk. Blogging is all about being friends, so no problem. But feel free to send money my way. HA! That's another joke.

  3. And why do melons get divorced?

    Unreasonably long "honeydew" lists.

    (I know. Not as good as the cantaloupe one. But I feel I should get points just for showing up and trying.)

  4. I thought that joke was cute Mr.S!
    Debbie I'm sorry to hear you have been slapped back by medical issues.I constantly battle mine as well .. so I "get that" deeply.
    Those type of problems can be a huge wake up call ..
    Travel is a wonderful activity .. Living in Europe was one of the most amazing opportunities we had.
    Did you forget you had friends in Canada ? or is it that "we all live in North America" thing ?? LOL

  5. Oh Debbi, I'm so sorry for your recent medical issue! I've been a bad blogging friend, in that I have basically boycotted gardening blogs because I am so depressed about not being able to get out in my own! I apologize, and this is a wake up call for me here. I may still be in a steel boot, gaining pounds I don't need because I can't move around very well, and my garden looks like someone stuck a match to it. But I realize at this moment just how much I have missed your true wit and sincerity. And I shouldn't have allowed my own issues to keep me from communing with you, my Texas blogging friend. So I've been an ass and I hope you forgive me for it.

  6. Debbi, you are so welcome! It is amazing how our priorities change as we get older. I alwas wanted a huge house and now think,'but who would clean it?!' I am much more into family and quality time, friends and gardening. And yes, taking better care of myself so I will be around to see my grads do well in life.

  7. What a great, and inspiring post Deb!
    And the honeydew one was pretty good Mr S.

  8. Sorry to hear you've had medical issues. I haven't been around as much as I should have but I d count you as a friend.

    I know what you mean about changing priorities. Mine have evolved as I have grown older too.

    Those are good jokes. I'll have to tell those to the kids!

  9. Debbie girl .. I just knew it was the "north american" blanket coverage thing ;-) I can also identify with the battle of the weight .. add that my conditions that make my hair fall out .. now how good can it get with all the rest of it ?? ;-)

  10. It's good to know what you want, that's for sure. Good luck!

  11. Good for you Deb! Sounds like you're on the right track already. :)

  12. That was extra sweet and thank you! Hey--I'm still drinking Oregano--my lips are burned but I think I'm on the way to recovery.