Friday, August 28, 2009

First Workday on The Farm

First Workday on the Farm

Today was the day. I began working on the community supported agriculture farm, Eden’s Garden. I worked with Marie, the farmer, and Anise another work share member. I will work a couple of hours each week in order to receive my share of the farms produce.

We mulched and pulled weeds talking the whole time. Marie used to work at the same nursery I used to work at. We just worked there at different times. Anise is a comptroller for a local ministry. They are interesting, fun ladies. This should be very enjoyable.

When the weather cools off, I will switch to working Friday afternoons and take the monkeys with me. Hopefully, they will learn just a little more about where their food comes from. They will thank me some day. Don’t laugh, they will.

Today I brought home purslane and lambs quarter. I put them in a bowl of water to rinse and didn’t think anything else of it. I intended to look up some recipes and do something with them for dinner. I gave a sprig of purslane to Teenage Monkey and he loves it. He just keeps eating it. Turns out the stuff is really good food both the taste and the nutrition. He can have all he wants.

Next week, we will spread more mulch. I need to find some newspaper to put down under the mulch. We don’t take the paper, so it looks like I maybe dumpster diving in a nearby recycling box. Wonder if I can get arrested for that?

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Wow Debbi, how wonderful! I was just at our CSA picking up our produce share (and harvesting basil, cilantro, and fall raspberries for the U-Pick garden). Imagine being named Anise! Silence also loves herbal names, we named our beautiful willow-leaf-colored parakeet Willow. Perhaps our next batch of chickens will all be named for herbs. (Or picture an ecologically-minded Santa with his new team of reindeer: "On Parsley! On Garlic! On Bee Balm and Teasel!") And I think it's a great idea to take the Monkeys. You'll make great gardeners of those boys yet!

  2. Off to google purslane and lambs quarter. You Americans have funny names for things. ;)

  3. What a neat thing to do!

    Purslane grows in the cracks in my mom's driveway! She pulls it out and puts it in pots, where it blooms so nicely. I haven't eaten it before but was aware it's edible.

    You have a great weekend too!

  4. I think this is an awesome thing you are doing Debbi. (Monkey ate purslane??) And what a great experience it will be for the boys.
    But, what is lamb's quarter? I know lamb's ear..

  5. OFB, The way she pronounces her name, it sounds like Denise. I almost choked on my tea when you comment went off on that Santa Claus tangent. I think there is a post in that for Poor Richards Almanac

    Foxy, This from the woman who gets the giggles every time I type rooting? tehe.

    Ginger, Eat it. It tastes lemony.

    Monica, Very well spent:)

    Linda, Lambs quarter is a native weed that just happens to be edible. It is tall with gray green leaves.

  6. Fantastic Debbi - that looks like a fun volunteer spot you have there :)

    I think we have some purslane growing wild around here too - must check it out.

    Hope things are well with you and many thanks for your kind words on Blotanical. Hubby had a similar scare to you this year (cholesterol) and we've had to take a long hard look at our diet and lifestyle too. It kinda makes you realise just what's important in life.