Monday, August 3, 2009

The Last Twenty Hours

I am tired really really tired and here is why. These were the ingredients of my last twenty hours.

Realize at midnight that I didn't have an agenda for the MG meeting
Panic and look for last months agenda to copy.
Find old agenda
Type new agenda
Try to print agenda
Email agenda
Sign my name on email as Debar.
Give up and go to bed
get up
no time for coffee
go to Ext office
find email
don't find attached agenda
retype agenda
start meeting late
forget the names of interns
Don't follow agenda
Realize agenda is incomplete
end meeting
wait many minutes to sign checks
come home fall asleep for a blink
wake up
go to library
detangle intricate family of library patrons
try to figure out someones email problem
forget son's soccer game
frantically try to help find soccer uniform over the phone
feel guilt there will be no "Mom of the Year" award this year
Go home
Water plants
Listen to teen say I am bored one billion times
Fight off accusations that I should provide for teens entertainment for 2 hours
Have the pee scared out of me by my crazed husband
Go outside and have a nice quiet talk with crazed husband.

Night y'all.

Tomorrows my day off. Maybe then we can talk about plants.


  1. Poor Debbi. FB is acting all crazy so I'm blog hoping while waiting for bed. Sounds like a day I'd never look back on!

  2. Debbi -- So sorry. Makes me tired just to read it. Tomorrow is a new day. (That's what I keep telling myself, at least!)

  3. So pleased to know I'm not alone in experiencing that kind of a Monday.

  4. It's a good thing it's your day off today. :)

  5. My husband used to tell the kids that only boring people complained of being bored. That shut them up. For a bit.

  6. Hope today is better. I agree with Victoria. I tell my grandkids that only boring people get bored.