Friday, August 7, 2009

Night Blooms

I can't believe I have not posted since Tuesday, but this has been a busy week. We took the Monkeys to Great Wolf Lodge and totally enjoyed outselves. The Monkeys are big enough now that they can do most things by themselves with us just hanging out and watching over them. They had a blast in the indoor water park and we had a nice time riding a few rides with them and hanging out in the hot tub between. We loved it. This trip was a gift from Mamala and it was wonderful.

We made it back and found that my Angels' Trumpets are blooming. The first picture was taken just as the sun started going down. The second was just before dark. The last, unfortunately fuzzy, picture was taken just after dark. I wish you could smell the wonderful scent.

Y'all have a nice weekend.
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  1. Very nice. I'm jealous!


  2. Chicago Garden, don't be jealous, I share.

  3. How nice that flowers also have different blooming times. When after the usual ones had closed or withered during the day, there these night blooms to brighten up our nights. And a nice fragrance for us to enjoy. How wonderful.

  4. Working on those night blooms, yeah... (Sorry, you just hear Bob Segar sometimes. Well, if you grew up in the 70s/80s in Detroit, anyway). I love the nagel's trumpets (though I call them moon flowers), even their distinctly weird smell! :)

  5. Really pretty. Don't they need lots of room? I have seeds, just don't know where to plant them.

  6. Plants can be so funny I sometimes wonder if they have a sense of humor. We came in at 9 p.m. recently and my 4o'clocks were in full bloom - finally! I said the seeds must have come from a time zone way to the west. Deb, so glad to see you back. I was really concerned for you after reading about the bad day you had recently and that husband was upset. Whew! Perfect time for a little get-away!

  7. I wish I could smell them too! I don't have many flowers left after the massive heat wave. The black-eyed Susans are still doing fairly well. And the geraniums.

  8. are those angel's trumpets?? I swear they look like moon flowers. Hm.....
    Well enjoy them whatever they are!!

  9. Autumn Belle, Exactly.

    Monica, Thanks for the ear worm, now I'll never get that song out of my head:P

    Linda, They can get big, but don't you have a really large sunny spot right about now?

    Barbee, Thanks for the concern and well wishes. Manly was just crazy not upset. He is really just a big kid and enjoys scaring me. That was one heck of a day though. I want some night blooming 4 o'clocks.

    Brenda, just a few more weeks and the weather will be on our side again.

    Ginger, Moon flowers, as I know them, are vines. Angel's trumpets are a shrubby perennial. But who can say what common name is correct.

  10. You piqued my interest, so I went and read up on the controversy (!!) regarding moonflowers, angels trumpets, and devils trumpets! What I call an angels trumpet is apparently more often called a devils trumpet!