Sunday, August 23, 2009

Voice Double

I'm back.

I survived a night with three of my nephews, two monkeys, my oldest niece and a giggle of her teenage friends. There is also a snake in their house AND a cat who wants to give hickies. The youngest child is just shy of three and the oldest is the niece at `16.

There is a funny thing about me and this sister who made these nephews and that niece. We don't look anything alike, but we sound alike. I've been messing with the heads of people who know her since we were teens. She was in high school and I was in college when she met her first boyfriend. If he happened to call the house when I was home and I answered,I wouldn't tell him I wasn't B. The ruse would go on until I answered a question wrong or became hysterical with laughter. That boyfriend truly hated me.

Sister's loving husband, who took her to Boston for her big 4-0, has never ever mistaken me for her or her for me.

Last night the niece brought home that giggle friends. They couldn't see me in the kitchen, but I could hear them coming in the front door. I asked the niece a question and one of the boys said, "I thought your mom wasn't home." The niece and I explained that I am not her mom, just her aunt. This kid says, "I've got to see her." He must have been shocked. Again, we look nothing alike.

I think I might be able to play this game all the way until we are very old women.

Fun times.


  1. Debbie girl , you are VERY naughty and it sounds ? like you will be naughty for a very long time too !!
    I can't "pick" any of your posts girl .. it comes up with an error feed all the time .. did you know that ? or am I going on about something you already know and are very annoyed about ?? ;-)

  2. What Joy said. Glad it's the cat who likes to give hickies and not the snake!

  3. Sometimes we have to be just a bit naughty in order to survive, and it sure makes life fun. You should live a long, long time Debbi. Keep it up. But, based on that: You deserve monkey-like boys :) Thanks for sharing all the high-jinks with us!

  4. Joy, I've been a bad blotanical member. Stewart left me a message. I will try to fix it tomorrow.

    OFB, I woke up with the cat licking my neck. If it had been the snake, I would have died of fright. Debbi no more.

    Barbee, I knew it was partly my fault, but it is much easier to blame it on my husband.

  5. Sounds like a fun time with a fun Aunt. You have gotta laugh! Never heard of a cat giving hickies.

  6. Debbi, you are quite the trickster--I like that! LOL! I love how you said "giggle" of teenage girls--I dunno if it's a type for gaggle, but teenage girls really DO giggle a lot and from now on I'm going to think of groups of them as a giggle. :)

  7. Teresa, That cat totally freaked me out.

    Monica, I didn't come up with "a giggle of girls" on my own. Isn't it appropriate?