Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now This is a Fashion Statement

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This says, "I don't care what the neighbors think."
This says, "Knobby knees are in"
This says, "Gardening is more important that appearances"
This says, "I either need bigger feet or smaller thighs"
This says, "I buy my footwear at Tractor Supply."

Happy rainy day y'all.


  1. too cute!!..the boots are adorable

  2. Tres chic! (I know that's probably spelled incorrectly)
    Actually, just this morning I was thinking how nice it would be to have a pair for days like these.

  3. Thanks Christine

    Nola, I got them at Tractor Supply. You know you might be a gardener if you buy your foot wear at Tractor Supply

  4. Debbi, very fashionable! I was thinking that at last this summer you have a use for them.

  5. Cute boots Deb, don't change a thing. ;)

  6. You look far better than I do in my gardening gear - old and comfortable's my look ;)

  7. Ha! If memory serves, you do have tiny feet, Debbi---a far cry from my size 9s! And Tractor Supply is THE place to buy pretty much everything!---Silence

  8. What do you mean?! Those boots are tres chic, and everyone knows vertical stripes are slimming! :)

  9. I think they're cool! And can you tell me why my pea plants don't have flowers? Pleeeeease???