Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Save Some Seeds for the Garden Faerie

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Here are some of my yard long beans and red noodle beans. These were left on the vines long enough to make seeds. I will be saving the seeds for next years garden and also to share with other garden bloggers this winter. Monica of Garden Faerie's Musing will be kicking off the progressive seed exchange again and I am getting ready.

The yard long bean seeds are offspring of the first package of seeds I bought years and years ago. This is the first year I have grown the red noodles. They are a lot of fun and easy to see to harvest. They are also out producing the yard long beans.

Here is a short list of seeds I will be saving for next year.
1. Lemon basil.
2. Collards
3. Angel's Trumpet
4. Texas Star Hibiscus
5. Dill.
6. Parsley
7. Yard Long and Red Noodle Beans (of course)

What seeds are you planning on saving?


  1. Debbi, I can't keep any of the yard long beans long enough for them to dry. The grand girls love to pick them when they come every couple of weeks or so and play with them. :)I am sure These are some you had in the exchange last year,

    I have started saving seed too. I sooo enjoyed the seed exchange last year.

  2. Did you get a good harvest out of them? I'm thinking of making some raised beds this winter for Spring planting. I want to be able to manage the weeds easily. I'm also thinking of planting okra. It is going for $3 a pound around here. That is nuts.

  3. Anna, Raised beds are the way to go. Okra is freaking free, grow it don't buy it. $3 a lb completely crazy.

  4. What do you do with those beans? Do you just steam them and eat them? As beckie intimated, they look more like toys?

    And why don't my pea plants have flowers??? lol

  5. How exciting, Debbi! You've really inspired me to consider yard-long beans next year. Baker's Creek has a wonderful selection!

  6. Wow! I have never seen such long beans... Amazing!


  7. Love the seed exchange idea, I will have to check into that!