Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beautiful Storm

A beautiful storm blew in this evening. First the wind brought the black and gray clouds, which layered over a pink and gold sunset. As it turned dark, the full moon floated over the high clouds. Lightening reflected green off of the black clouds and white off of the gray clouds. This is the most beautiful storm I have ever seen.


  1. It sounds breathtaking! Autumn skies, particularly those of Oct and Nov are my very favourite to photograph. The light is unlike any other time of year, so often with that charcoal grey as a background for all the glorious fall colour. I'm glad you were able to see the storm. :)

  2. Debbie girl ! I have been lazy waiting for your feed to work on Blotanical and that just isn't right ! slap to my typing wrist right now !! I had to come here and read about that storm you had and how beautiful it became .. I wish I could have seen it !! .. you didn't getany pictures ? but you did describe it beautifully .. it must have been awesome to see : )

  3. I could see the storm heading toward you--and it was really pretty. The clouds were puffy and white and black and gray...full of lightening.. it WAS a pretty storm, and love the cooler weather it gave us!

  4. Nancy, I don't have your skill with a camera. Wish I did. It was beautiful.

    Hi Joy, I'm just riding out the blotanical thing just like the other times. No pictures, don't have the skilz.

    :) barbie

    Linda, Loving our weather right now.