Friday, October 16, 2009

Teach A Boy to Grow Garlic

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My Middle Monkey has a good friend. I am very grateful for this good friend. He has a wonderful family. I have known his grandmother for years. She is a member of our local garden club and a lovely women.

They have a love of music in common. Last week they practiced their instruments (clarinet and saxophone) outside in the back yard. It caused the neighbor to believe that a cow was being murdered in our yard, but I digress.

These boys spend a lot of time together. Last weekend, my boy went on a Boy Scout camp out with his friend and his friend's parents. Tonight, the friend is spending the night with us.

This afternoon, I talked the two of them into planting my garlic for me. The friend said he had not seen garlic in cloves before. I let them pull the papers off and separate the cloves. I told them to plant the cloves pointy side up about five inches apart. Then, I set them loose in the garden.

They are teaching my son to survive in the woods. I am teaching their son to grow his own food.

Win Win


  1. It's great Debbi! They will remember it! My boys are very proud of my garden and like to show their friends our veggies. They also dig planting holes!
    BTW, I see a picture of you for the first time. Oh my, you are young! Aunt Debbi sounds (pardon me) almost like a granny. He-he. Don't kick me!

  2. We are doing this tomorrow or Sunday! We have three kinds of heirloom garlic to plant before the ground freezes... I have never done this before, so it will be a learning experience for me too. Very cute.

  3. The monkeys are growing so fast! How nice that both sets of parents have something unique to teach these boys!

  4. What fun, Debbi! And wait 'til they harvest it! (Surviving in the woods is good, too... )

  5. That's great Debbi! Good for the boys!
    BTW--we lived with a sax in our house for years. Such wonderful noise...I mean music. :)

  6. That's what it's all about! Isn't it nice when your child is friends with someone who's family you know and trust! Who knows, one of them might turn out to be a chef!
    That photo is one worth keeping, too!

  7. Wow, we take a break from blogging and you start murdering cows in your back yard. LOL! We need to get our garlic in before the next round of rains. BTW, we got the farmer's market string bag and it's great! Wing Nut keeps saying it's too pretty to use. Now that we're back to blogging we'll do a post with some pics of it soon.

  8. Aw, that's so sweet! Um, I mean manly and rugged! :)