Sunday, November 1, 2009

This and That

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I found this butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis a couple of days ago. We are having the most beautiful fall weather perfect for gardeners and butterflies alike. My cool season veggies have been in for a few weeks and are doing beautifully. The broccoli is already more than a foot tall and the cabbage about eight inches across. I planted onions, but I cannot remember where.

Hope you are all having a wonderful fall.

Does anyone know when sweet potatoes need to be dug up?


  1. How cool to watch a butterfly emerge!

    But what about the other? If I get this and that, I want the other, too! LOL!

  2. My sinuses make sure I NEVER have a lovely fall. Sigh. I would move to Arizona tomorrow if my husband would go with me!

  3. What a great photo---and a wonderful sight---Debbi! (And how did I miss this post?!) Glad you're having a wonderful fall.