Thursday, December 24, 2009


It snowed all day here. Very little of it stuck, but the monkeys scraped up enough to make a few snowballs. Loved seeing them have snow on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas y'all.


  1. ¡Feliz Navidad! We must be the only part of the entire country that isn't having snow! Just sunshine and cold.

  2. Debbie girl !! You are up and running again .. I might have missed this before because I have been so darn busy .. glad to see you and I might be a bit late with this but Merry Xmas and a VERY Happy New Year !!!
    I'm so glad you had the snow even if only for that night .. it does make us more cozy some how ? LOL

  3. Can you believe it--snow on Christmas in Texas!
    Hope your day was merry and bright!

  4. And a very merry Christmas and joyous new year to you all, Debbi!!!