Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Tomato Line Up

The tomato babies are growing nicely on top of they dryer again this year. I received a very nice sewing light for my birthday. I promptly turned that into a grow light for the little tomatoes. As soon as they have their true leaves (the second set that look different from the first set, but will look like all of the future leaves) come in, I will pot them up in 4 and six inch pots. Then we will start the take them outside, bring them inside dance until April 1st, when they will be planted in the garden or saved for the KCMGA plant sale April 14th.

This year I am growing these tomatoes from seed:
1. Yellow Pear
2. Cherokee Purple
3. San Marzano
4. Avivii
5. Ladano di Pannichio
6. Turks Mutt
7. Gajo de Melon
8. A mystery tomato because I forgot to write one down again this year. Durn.

I will probably buy a Green Zebra, a Celebrity, an Early girl and a Better Boy plants to round out the roster.

I would like to thank Monica for some of the seeds she shared with me in this years seed swap.


  1. I'm excited for you! I have to wait another month to start my seeds, but it's getting closer...I sooo cannot wait!

  2. Thats great yours seedlings are growing strong and this is a lot of tomatoe variety you are growing. Waiting for you to post the pics.

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  4. Did you save your own seeds from some of the heirlooms in last year's swap?! Cool! Also, I will finally be showing the nice grocery bag you knit for me in my next post, which should be live tomorrow.

  5. Just hang on Lisa. Spring is on the way.

    Mahummad I will try to get pics in soon

    Monica, Yes, Yes I did. Enjoy the bag.

  6. This is a wonderful tomato line up. I am always a big fan of Brandywine. I will have to look up a few of your favorites to try in the garden. ANY suggestions for canning tomatoes? WHICH are your favorites?