Monday, February 22, 2010

Garlic Greens

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  1. Off topic, but Debbi, how 'bout some updated photos of the bog garden you MG's constructed? I'd like to see how the plants have matured!

  2. Hi Aunt Debbi! This is even more off-topic, but are you familiar with the book "The Pioneer Woman Cooks"? I just checked it out of my local library, and looking through it, I was amazed at the similarities between her content and yours. She has Marlboro Man, you have Manly Man; she has the Cowkids, you have the Monkeys. Like her, you write great recipes and photograph them; you have a wide range of interests, from gardening to quilting to your library work; there's plenty of romance, adventure, and motorcycle riding, not to mention crazy misadventures with your immediate and extended family and pets; and finally, you're wickedly funny. "Pioneer Woman" parlayed her blog into a No. 1 New York Times bestselling book. I think---speaking as a former executive editor---you could, if not hit #1, at least find a publisher based on her success. But first, you need an agent. Lisa Ekus has perhaps the best-known culinary agency; check it out at See what Pioneer Woman has done with her book. And please do give it some thought! Imagine going into the library and seeing your own book prominently displayed... ---Silence