Friday, March 5, 2010

I Declare 3/6/10 The Official First Day of Salad Week

It was a beautiful day here in North Texas. Manly took me to eat lunch at Mama Mia's in downtown Dallas. That's some good eatin. Then we hit the Farmers Market where I bought romaine lettuce, valley grapefruit, red pears, cucumbers, asparagus and Vidalia onions. I just couldn't bring myself to buy tomatoes this early in the season, they just don't taste right.

Since it has warmed up, I am declaring it salad season. I have endive, leaf lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, collards, Swiss chard and bunching onions in my garden. Fresh stuff from my plot along with fresh stuff from the farmers market should make for some yummy salads this week. Now, I just need to tell Manly so that whatever he decides to cook can be used in a salad. (his chicken fajitas are perfect in a salad).

So salad week will begin tomorrow here at Aunt Debbi's garden. I plan to build a salad for each meal and post the evidence. If you would like to play along leave me a link in the comments.

Is there any such thing as a breakfast salad?

Happy Salad Season Y'all.


  1. While 5/6/10 works for us here in Michigan, I'm pretty sure *you* meant *3*/6/10. I love salad!

  2. You should have Fruit Salad for breakfast!
    I love your idea of salad week. However, I am still doing soup week... I will work my way up, though. ;)
    Looking forward to salad inspiration!

  3. Monica, apparently I was retarded. Thanks for pointing that out or I might never have noticed.

    Ruth, good idea. I am going to start with red pear and green apple.

  4. GREAT idea, Debbi!!! No day is complete without a salad!!!

  5. Salad week sounds fun! I'm gonna wait to grow my own salad this summer, but I'm looking forward to seeing your results :)