Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Deck This Morning

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This was our deck just before dawn this morning. I brought in the tomatoes, but left everything else out. I was really worried about the lemon trees, but after everything thawed out, they seem to be fine. Hopefully, this was winter's last hurray.


  1. So frustrating, isn't it? I'm hoping that we can consider this weekend to be our last official freeze. I'm SO over winter.

  2. We were shocked as we drove back into town yesterday. It turned cold in Frederickburg, but it was sunny when we left--never expected to see snow on the ground at home!

  3. What a terrible thing to wake up to this time of year. Bummer. Sure hope all of the plants are fine. Hopefull that this is the last snap you get.

    We had temps in the 30's last night. This has been a horrible winter.

  4. Wait, what? You had snow in Texas while it's TOO WARM (only by a few degrees but still) to snow in Michigan? Wow!

  5. "Hopefully this was winter's last hurrah"

    From your lips to mother nature's ears.... :)