Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers' Day + Mechanical Yard Monster

Hope everyone is having a great Fathers' Day. We ate grilled shrimp with pesto for dinner. Later, Baby Monkey combined an old bicycle and reel mower into a yard monster.

And we thought it would get less interesting as the Monkeys got older.

Happy Fathers' Day everyone.


  1. OMG Debbie ! That is too perfect .. make sure Baby Monkey has the patent ? for this invention he could retire on it before he even ages another year .. and take care of you guys too !
    My morning laugh was great , thank you girl !
    Joy : )

  2. Nope, you just don't have to change their diapers anymore. :) I think it gets more and more interesting actually. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. If we can't get rid of the coons, I may request monkey assistance.~~Dee