Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cave Clean Up

Yesterday I spent about two hours cleaning up the extra room that used to be my office/cave. Because I spent all the time in there, I just did a little bit of gardening. The Walk to the Moon website has a conversion for housework into steps, so I still get to count it...Yeah.

This evening I will get back out there and straighten out the squash bed. For some reason the plants are beautiful, but I'm not getting any zucchini or yellow squash. Maybe they are not getting pollinated. If I weed, maybe the bugs will be able to find the blooms.

If received a couple of inquiries about Manly's health. He had knee surgery last spring. Over the following weeks he developed blood clots in the leg. He is on blood thinners and the road to recovery will be a long one. This is a very dangerous situation and he has to be very very careful.

That said, he is pretty hilarious when he takes his pain medication.

Thank you for your concern and well wishes.


  1. Hope Manly feels better soon. We are having a problem with our squash too. It's having a hard time producing more zucchini. We lost a lot to blossom end rot!

  2. Thanks for the update, Debbi! Take good care of Manly, you're right, that is a dangerous situation. We're actually getting great squash here, and have been thrilled to see lots of honeybees fighting it out with the bumblebees to see who gets to be first to the flowers. While you wait for zukes, I think you should try some of the recipes for squash blossoms and see how they are. We always think they sound great, but can't bring ourselves to pull them off the plants!