Sunday, August 1, 2010

The First Peach Cobbler of 2010

Homemade peach cobbler from homegrown fresh peaches. The house smells like heaven. Baby Manimal said, "You know what I want to do right now?" Me, "No." Him, "Shove my face in that."

It's 106 outside so I think we will just stay inside and enjoy the cool of the AC.

Happy Summer y'all.
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  1. The blogosphere really needs to figure out a way to add scratch and sniff! The cobbler looks divine.

  2. There you go again, making us jealous! I can't wait until my peach tree matures so I can get a bounty like this and make cobbler! This looks amazing.

  3. A/C rules. RULES I tell ya! This reminds me I used to make apple crisp a LOT in fall and winter. Maybe I'll try peach crisp soon. Hmmm, just need peaches, but t'is the season.

  4. Debbie girl little manimal is not the only one who wants to shove their face in that DELICIOUS cobbler !!! .. if only you had smell-o-rama with your blog .. but maybe that is a good thing you don't ? LOL
    Joy : )

  5. YUM YUM!!!
    Can you believe this heat? I am so ready for fall!!

  6. Wish I had a 'cyber' fork! Happy cooler weekend :)

  7. Oh man, that looks good. I made two this year with the peaches. It was wonderful to have peaches this year as so many times they are frozen out in spring. I hope you enjoyed that, and that your manimals did too.

    I agree with Baby Manimal as long as its cool first.

    You stay cool too. I see we're supposed to have some respite from the heat on Monday.~~Dee