Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squash Happiness

My garden is going gangbusters this years.  The raised beds are wonderful and very productive.  The container in ground in raised bed tomato experiment has been a fantastic success.  I ate so many perfectly ripe tomatoes today that my lips hurt. 

Me behind the Tomato Jungle

My squash is doing fine as well.  Usually the squash bugs get them, but this year the pumpkin vines have worked great as traps and I've been able to manage the bug situation.  The vines really are just beginning to produce, but The Best Boss in the World has plenty of squash now and she is sharing. 

Today I ate yellow squash and Noonday onions sauteed in butter again.  Yummy.  It is so simple - just saute the onions in a little butter on low heat until they are slightly brown and add the squash.  Cook until the squash is tender and eat it up.

I am also making zucchini with tomatoes again.  Saute the onions add zucchini and tomato sauce as well as a little brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce.  Cook until the zucchini is tender and again, eat it up.

More recipes to follow as the squash rolls in :)


  1. Wow! your tomatoes are really a jungle. Im planting some new tomato seedlings recently. But Ive no luck with my pumpkin patch, lots of flowers but no fruits yet. Cant wait to try out your simple recipes. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Wow, gangbusters indeed! Amazing!

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