Saturday, July 16, 2011

No More Slime

I love fried okra.  I dearly dearly love fried okra.  Now, I am really not supposed to eat fried anything, but especially breaded fried things.  I cannot stand okra cooked any other way than fried or pickled.  At least that was the case until the Best Boss in the Universe ran across a Cajun dude at her sisters house.  Mr. Cajun Man told her that you can saute okra in olive oil until it quits sliming and it is quite good . Mr. Cajun Man was right.  The okra stays slimy for a few minutes and then it just sort of cooks off.  With a little garlic and some crushed tomatoes it was sooooooo good.  


  1. I love okra too. Okra is a main staple down here in Louisiana. It's just such an amazing food! I love it deep fried also, but I try to only eat deep fried food once a month. So, what I do to get that deep fried okra feeling is...I put the okra in a bowl and give it a light sprinkle of cornmeal and some seasonings! Then I heat some oil in my cast iron pan and saute it. It's crunchy, but it's not deep fried. The slime goes away and your left with crunchy okra heaven! You can also do this to yellow squash and zucchini! By the way, I just found your blog, and I love it!

  2. Yummy. I make a dish where you use olive oil some tomatoes chopped onions and okra with a little bit of bacon. Yummy too. Have a beautiful Saturday.~~Dee

  3. I love okra. I grew it one year. As long as you pick them nice and young and tender, they are great.