Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Herbs for North Texas

We have rain yipeee.  Making spaghetti for dinner tonight and needed herbs regardless of the rain.  Yes, I was the crazy person cutting herbs in the rain. 

The herbs I was able to harvest fresh for the sauce were Mexican mint marigold and oregano.  I grow both regular oregano and golden oregano.  The golden is just for looks.  Mexican mint marigold tastes a lot like tarragon.  I've actually seen it labeled Texas tarragon in some garden centers.  I have basil that I put up back in late summer and garlic I put up last spring.  These are the four must have herbs for our sauce.  I also use the leaves of garlic that is growing in the garden during the winter, once I run out of whatever garlic I put up in the spring.  This doesn't appear to effect the garlic cloves at all.  I will also grow some garlic on my windowsill here for the next few months until the garlic in the garden is ready to pull. 

I'm grateful that we are able to grow some of our food at this time of year because of our mild winters.  When it is freezing cold in February, I wil most likely not be so enthusiastic.

Short list of herbs that grow well in the winter in north Texas
Mexican mint marigold

Can you grow herbs at this time of year?  If so, what kind?


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