Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nasty Little @#$%^@#s

You may or may not know, North Texas is in the middle of a West Nile epidemic.  There have been 207 confirmed cases and ten deaths in Dallas County according to NBC Channel 5.  One of the fatalities was a gentleman who lived in my work-hometown.  The City of Dallas is planning an areal spray program.  I hate to think of all the poor innocent bugs that are going to get wiped out when that starts.  I am very concerned about honey bees.  We NEED our honey bees.

The way I handle the mosquito situation at Casa Debbi is mosquito dunks.  The dunks contain Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis.  Let's just call that BTi, mkay?  BTi is a bacteria that is toxic to mosquito and black fly larvae. You simply place a dunk in standing water, say your rain barrels, and the BTi takes care of the larvae.  So if you live in an area where West Nile virus is a problem or mosquitoes just make you mad, get some mosquito dunks and kill those wiggly little babies.

Read more on this at The Texas Triffid Ranch.


  1. And BATS! YOU SHOULD ALL BUY BATS! Can you actually buy bats? Well, put up a stinking bat house anyhow.

  2. Brenda, you can comment with you blog id.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more...as you said: Nasty Little @#$%^@#s Hope those dunks do the trick!

  4. I agree, the solution is more bats! :)

  5. They've aerial sprayed twice this summer in the county I live in. They go according to towns so if they test your town and don't find West Nile or EEE they won't spray. We were unfortunate this year and had to be sprayed. It really did cut down on the mosquitoes but the butterflies have been scare too.
    We have wetland behind us.......the perfect place for those little buggers to breed.....

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