Saturday, February 23, 2008

It Was Warm Enough For This

It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood. Here are two of my monkeys with two neighbor monkeys. There was a busted lip and a dangling incident, but they took care of each other and had fun. They even took a break and toured my garden. One of them asked in amazement "You can grow broccoli?" My middle monkey answered "Of course, where did you think it came from?"
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  2. When my son was in 3rd grade--he made a Broccoli protector during art class. I still have it and he hates broccoli. Maybe my grandbabies will like it. That comment was funny. I too like how kids take care of each other. I got a box full of first aid stuff and eventually all kids locate it and treat their own owies.

  3. A broccoli protector sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately(really rortunate), around here, brocolli is hunted and eaten. I always thought girls were more protective of each other ,and maybe they are, but a boy will doctor you up.

  4. I've debated about a trampoline over the years. Do you worry about the safety issues? Ever had an accident? I see those clips on America's Funniest Videos of Trampolines crashing and I think, "Oh yeah, that would be my luck."

    Hey...thanks for listing me on your sidebar! I'm very, very flattered!


  5. Very cute ! .. so .. does my broccoli come from your garden too ???? LOL

  6. Sherry,
    Well, yes we have had minor accidents, busted lips and such, but nothing major. It used to have one of those wall things around it, but the last crazy red shepherd ate it.

    Glad to have you on the side bar.

    Joy, If only I could grow enough broccoli to feed the world, life would be utopia.

    Your on the side bar to.

  7. Hey, this picture could be mine! LOL. I have a whole bunch of kiddos and a trampoline with a missing net as well! Cute!

  8. I think many of us can take a picture much like that one.