Sunday, February 24, 2008

Block of the Month

I started my blocks for this month. The newest one is on the bottom right hand side. Before we are finished we will have twelve twelve inch squares, twelve nine inch squares, and twenty-four six inch squares. This quilt is going to be a monster. Maybe I will split them up and make more than one quilt. The fabrics are 1930's reprints.
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  1. It is going to be beautiful. I have two quilts started from scraps. They are Grandma's Flower Garden and Pinwheel. I did a stack and wack not long ago for Christmas--that was so much fun.

  2. Anna,

    I have made one grandmother's flower garden.I found these neat stamps to make the octagons. Most of my quilts are hand sewn, but for this block of the month thing, I am doing the work on my hand cranked machine. I love how many gardeners quilt. It's like making flowers out of fabric. Check out the quilt on my labels if you want to see more and please post pictures of yours.

  3. Oh...I love your quilt postings. I should go through your archives and see if somewhere you have pictures of other quilts? could make it easy on me and do an updated post that shows all your quilts? Pretty please?

  4. Why thank you. There is a quilt label right over there on the right. Everything I have finished since starting this blog is there.