Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Only Thing That Can Keep Me Out of the Garden.

This is sister #2's baby monkey Eman. Eman is amazing he was borne weeks early and weighed over eight pounds. He is 19 months old and plays the wii. I watched him and his brothers K-dur and Leeman today. We had fun.

See, isn't he talented?

Get a load of that backhand.
Earlier I watched Meme's monkeys at her house. Jakjac likes to read. We had to do a lot of sister support around here. It is great to have such a large family and actually be friends with them.
I will get back to garden blogging tomorrow. Yesterday and today were all about family.
Thanks to everyone who visited from Blotanical. I know my kid pictures have to bore you.
Here is something different. Sister #2 sent out a meme that you send to friends and they answer questions about you. Here is what I discovered that my friends and family think of me.
1. They are split on whether or not I rebel or follow rules. "Rules, what rules, nobody told me about any rules."
2. They do not know how old I am. I can still do the splits at "44"
3. My manly man does not know what color my eyes are. Apparently, he has been looking elsewhere for the last twelve years.
4. They would leave me on a desert island with: A bag of compost, one book, gardening tools, and a few beers. Obviously, I would need a euphoria inducing plant that I could grow plenty of - Hello, or maybe just grapes or hops and barley. For all of you who went THERE, no I do not grow weed. We have been over this. I am not breakin the law, at least any gardening law. But apparently I have caught the attention of CCACC. Y'all may have to hide me in your attic.
Two of the monkey's uncles actually left me on a dirt island in the middle of rock quarry one time. I got a sun burn. Thanks alot Wilburt and Guyburt.
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  1. ok...all the monkeys are rocket scientist!

  2. I still know who you are and where you live. I can dump these monkeys on you in a heartbeat. Be afraid, be very very afraid. Remember middle monkey knows karate and he will drop kick your Schnauzer.

  3. Eman is adorable, and as embarrassing as it is, my hubby thought my eyes were green, not blue, until a few weeks ago. :-) I couldn't believe it.

  4. Hey Nancy, do not send a meme to your husband. It gets really ugly really fast. Then if you are a computer dork, like I am, you will accidentally send his responses to everyone on your email list. I guess it is a good way to air all of your dirty laundry.