Monday, May 26, 2008

I am Going to Put Their Weenies to Shame

I got the call. Will you bring beans to the cookout? My family is going to have a pot luck Memorial Day party. The meat course is hot dogs-cricket chirps. Apparently, wedding dress shopping is more important than, say, brisket.

Do I go to the store, buy a couple of cans of baked beans, and call it a day? NOOOO. I buy four cans of pork-n-beans and add BBQ sauce, molasses, spicy brown mustard, onions, garlic, balsamic vinegar, bacon, and about a pound of brown sugar. These beans are dessert.

The sour dough bread is rising on the counter. I fed the starter last night and left it out to make a sponge. The kitchen smells like yeast, yum. I have tried to teach someone how to make this bread. No one will learn, sad. The tricks are honey and kneading with a very soft hand. Grandpa M taught me how to knead bread when I was a little girl. He just couldn't stand by and watch me pound on the bread dough like it had done something bad.

Baby Monkey is home alone with me today. He had to come home from a sleepover last night because of an earache. Poor Baby Monkey, first a wasp sting and then an earache. He can't win. We are enjoying the day together. He found some ripe blackberries earlier and we are going to make cobbler.

Eat your heart out other sisters. I AM the cook.

Just so you know, the other sisters could care less about competitive cooking. All they care about is the bread. Well, eating the bread not making it.


  1. Hmm, reminds me of the story of the little red hen. I'd love to learn how to make bread. Sadly, the only time mom ever made bread dough was when she was making cinnamon rolls once a year. I never bothered to ask her how she did it. I guess I've pretty much figured everything else on y own, so it's not really any different.

    Those beans sound yummy. I hope you're having (had?) a fun cookout! Cheesehead is still working, so we will be having our picnic/cookout tomorrow.

    Poor Baby Monkey.

  2. Hey, just thought I'd let you know Anna's got an explaination on her plot. Poor thing!

  3. Before I had all these hand and wrist surgeries, I made wheat bread when my girls were kids. They loved it. And I use to make a recipe I've lost now that had that stuff for your beans in it, but it had ground beef and molasses (did you already have that; can't go back and check now) added to make it a main meal.

  4. Hi brenda, my sister makes the kind of beans with ground meat in them. They are good.

  5. Oh my god Debbie .. I laughed so hard when I read about the beans are you sure you are American ? .. you sound like a Bluenoser to me .. and that is a compliment .. we are all BNs here and those beans are perfect ! Desert or not !
    Love the sound of the bread .. can you send some in the mail ? LOL
    Sounds like a very good party coming up ! have a blast girl !

  6. Hi joy, born in OK raised in Tx. Totally american. Going out on the intraweb to look up blue noser.

    I will gladly send you a baggie of the sourdough starter if it is legal. I am pretty sure the postal service might take issue with me mailing something that is obviously an alive blob.

  7. Ha! Sounds like a great day, Debbi--luscious beans and homemade bread (and did you say BLACKBERRY COBBLER?!! just checking in case I'm hallucinating). Yum!!! Poor Baby Monkey, earaches hurt a lot. I hope you all had fun and he's all better now.

  8. Hi ofb, yes I said blackberry cobbler made from berries straight off the vine. We had a great time and Baby Monkey is fine.

  9. yep...yummy bread. I guess 42 loaves for the wedding is gonna take a while! Just sittin at home makin bread, growing flowers....raisin kids. No keepin up with the Jones, gripin or thinkin mean got it good with those crazy monkeys and that "tell it like it is "manly man". !!!!! This "sister" is WITH ya!!! ooooooweeeee.....soooo read any good books lately?

  10. By the way..have you seen my new paint and furniture. Every one has but you. I would invite you know!!!

  11. Debbi! You're back on Blotanical!!! Yippeeee!!!!

  12. Thanks, meems, your the best.

    Hi Ofb, I hadn't gone over there yet to see.