Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Garden After The Storms

Yesterday we had thunderstorms all day. I did not put my rain gages out, so I don't know how much rainfall we had, but the ground is saturated. I was grateful for the timing of these storms as I had just sewn some seeds. I planted corn, beans, and squash in the Three Sisters style as well as purple hulled cow peas.

I went outside this morning to check and see what had gone on overnight and discovered a lot of seedlings. Some were from the seeds I had planted but most were wild morning glories. That's right, WILD MORNING GLORIES-CRAP. I am going to be really busy taking care of this problem or they will take over the garden in just a few days. These morning glories are my fault, but that's another story.

I am always amazed at how green and lush my garden looks after storms. I always thought that rainwater was just way better for the plants than city water. However, after doing a little reading, I found another reason why plants may thrive after a thunderstorm. Air is 78% nitrogen. Lightning fixes some of this nitrogen. The fixed nitrogen is dissolved in the rain and falls to earth. This "fixed" nitrogen is in a form the plants can use. Pretty cool.

BTW we have baby bunnies again. I kind of let the subject go before, because the first litter did not make it. First time rabbit mom's are not usually successful. This litter is four days old and mom is doing a good job. Mario is again banished to the dog kennel. Starr is much happier with him out of the hutch. I can't imagine why.


  1. Awwww, bunnies!!! You'll have to take lots of pictures once they reach the "so-adorable" stage. Soon now! And you're absolutely right about the lightning, an arcane bit of gardeners' weather lore. I wish I could look at lightning and see nothing but beauty, or perhaps future soil fertility, or even a mental image of Ben Franklin and his famous kite, but instead, all I can think about is power failures and the internet going down and trees falling on the house or car and the house going up in flames and other cheerful, uplifting thoughts...

  2. Hi meme, there are two light ones and one dark. Right now they look like rats.

    Hi ofb, there will be pictures and adoption issues and drama, stay tuned. I hear you about the lightning fears. My first shepheard was afraid of thunder so bad that I had to sedate her in order to keep her from crawling in my lap.

  3. Anna--Flowergardengirl here--So glad you got your seeds in. I still have some to get in and was wondering if it was too late. I've been so busy. This is some kind of butterfly mix it says on the package. I wonder if I should even try? I may get a new blog going if I can talk dh into it. I hope!

    I had also wondered about the nitrogen and the storm--that is pretty awesome. Thanks for that info. You so smart!
    Hugs and I miss my buds!

  4. HI anna, glad you came and commented. We all miss you. I would go ahead and try the seeds. Maybe just plant half of them.

  5. Debbie.. that is such a neat thing about the lightning (spelling?) I had no idea ! .. but yes I notice how gorgeous the garden is after a night of that. One of my favorite times to be working in the garden is a light rain .. no one around .. quiet, peaceful .. lovely !
    Did your header illustration change again ? .. it is beautiful !
    Good luck with the baby bunnies : )

  6. Hi joy, I garden in the rain too. The header is pretty new. My sister made me another one. She's the best.

  7. I could use a good rain or two around here. Trying to grow some more grass seed is tough when it never seems to rain enough.

    I love the way my garden looks (and smells) after a rain. MMM. So earthy and rich. Hmm, I wonder when it will rain here again.

  8. Hi cinj, our rain usually vanishes in mid June. Hopefully, you will get some soon.

  9. Don't you just hate wild morning glories? UGH! Those pesky things are the bane of my existence too.

    Good luck with the bunnies. You'll have to post photos when they get cute and fuzzy.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  10. Hi Cindy, Yes, I hate the morning glories, but I brought them on myself. I will post on this monster mistake another time. It's really embarassing.

    Thanks for the well wishes on the bunny front. They seem to be doing well. Of course there will be pictures.