Friday, August 22, 2008

The Saddest Thing I've Ever Seen

I am a bad gardener, very very bad. I dug up this plant from a fellow gardeners plot and planted it up in a container. I thought it was a coleus. It seemed to hate the sun so I moved it to the shade.
It turned yellow and became infested with mealy bugs.
Today, I was at the Xeric Garden in Forney and there was my plant, three and a half feet tall and a beautiful purple. It is a Parilla. It needs to be in full sun and is absolutely too big to be grown in the container I put it in. Why in the world didn't I just ask what the heck it was and learn how to take care of it. My friend had gotten her plant when it reseeded itself at the Xeric Garden. Right now my poor little plant is sitting in the sink. I had to give it a shower to get rid of the mealy bugs. It is going in the ground in the front flowerbed this evening. It will get full on sun until about 2:oo pm and then afternoon shade.
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  1. It happens to us all Deb. At least you are trying to remedy the situation. Poor thing, it does look pretty sad.

  2. Ah, yes, yet another plant killed by too much love. Maybe it'll recover once it's given the conditions it needs. If not, chalk it up as a learning experience. ("I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible.")

  3. Ah, yet another case of Gardener's Guilt. I hope the plant perks up for you.

  4. Well hell, that's how we live and learn! We sure aren't born smart and everything. We have to make mistakes here and there. Don't knock yourself up side of the head!

  5. Hey - it's not dead yet, so there is always still hope! I'm sure your lovely-plant-to-be will be thriving in no time!!

  6. At least the poor thing has a chance to recover! I've forgotten to water them for the last few days and it was just too much for some of them. Well, most things die around here soon anyway. I was just getting it over with earlier.

  7. Hi pg, I just wish I had asked someone.

    Mr Mcgregor daughter, it snapped back a little after the bugs were dispatched.

    Hi brenda, live and learn everyday that's my motto. Maybe I need a better motto.

    Hi diana, I am going to keep taking care of it. The plant at the xeric garden was beautiful. I wish I had my camera with me.

    cinj, I don't usually kill them, but I have tortured a few like this.

  8. Well at least you don't get all the blame, surely the mealy bugs have to shoulder some of the responsibility, the little plant suckers.
    On the positive side, you now know how to bring a smile back to its leaves. A little shower and sunshine might perk things up again.
    At least you didn't move a 4 foot tall fern in the middle of July. Every time I look out my window, its browning withered fronds remind me of the folly of my impatience.